"Manly Indulgence" candles poured in the USA

Both of our Manly Indulgence collections—The Classic and The Signature—cater to every kind of man and every kind of atmosphere. Indulge your senses from the comfort of your home, office, or wherever you want to feel transported. The Classic and Signature collections can represent your personal style and preferences and we know you will find the candle that perfectly matches you and your home.

Our Signature collection captures the refined elegance of the authentic man who embraces their unique nature with authority. Featuring wood wicks and matching wooden lids, the Signature collection allows you to transform any space into the crisp edge of a snow-banked mountain, the warmth and relaxation of parts unknown, and the serene escape from the world around you.

The Classic collection—for those who want their homes to carry both an air of masculine confidence and buoyant playfulness—takes you back to suave formal nights, collegiate sophistication, and staples of self-assured men. The Classic collection’s classic fragrances embody the bold indulgence of the modern man.

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